10 Facts About 1990 Airlift of Indians From Kuwait – True Story On Which Akshay Kumar’s Airlift Is Based On


1990 Airlift of Indians From Kuwait was genuinely an astounding exertion by Indian Government. All Politicians, Volunteers and particularly Air India Officers and Team Members merits a considerable measure of credit for sparing and emptying More than 1 Lakh 50 Thousand People From combat area. Here are some facts about 1990 airlift of Indians from Kuwait on which Akshay Kumar’s Airlift depends on.

10 Facts About 1990 Airlift of Indians From Kuwait

  1. The 1990 airdrop of Indians from Kuwait was completed from 14 August to 11 October 1990.

  2. At the point when Saddam Hussain Ruled Iraq attack Kuwait and ruled the nation for 7 Months, more than 170,000 Indians were stranded on Kuwait arrive who ended up plainly destitute inside two days.

  3. The intrusion began on 1 August 1990, and inside two days of a large portion of the Kuwait Armed Forces were either overwhelm by the Iraqi Republican Guard or fell back to neighboring Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

  4. Numerous Nations began endeavors to protect their kin from the combat area including India.

Facts About 1990 Airlift of Indians From Kuwait


  1. Introductory endeavors were made by the administration of India to empty nationals by military air ship. Be that as it may, because of challenges in air-space clearances the change was made to non military personnel air ship.

  2. India Foreign Minister around then went to Kuwait at that delicate time which brought about Iraq consenting to implicitly allow the Indian clearing endeavors. Air India’s endeavors were composed by MP Mascarenhas situated in Kuwait.

  3. Departure began on 13 August 1990 and completed on 11 October 1990.

  4. In 59 Days an aggregate of 170,000 individuals were cleared to Mumbai – a separation of 4,117 km, by working 488 flights in relationship with Indian Airlines.

  5. It is accepted to be the biggest non military personnel departure in history by a far separation.

  6. Air India holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the a great many people cleared by a common aircraft because of this exertion.

Transport Of Indians From Kuwait in 1990 is unquestionably one of the proudest minute. Offer this story with however much Indians as could reasonably be expected.

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