10 Best Comedy Actors of Bollywood – Great Iconic Comic Actors of all time

Hindi Film Industry has seen numerous extraordinary best comedy actors of bollywood throughout a long time. We attempt to rattle off best 10 record-breaking most noteworthy and best parody performing artists of Bollywood. These on-screen characters influenced us to giggle various circumstances from their comic exhibitions. There is quite less possibility that a Bollywood or Hindi motion picture fan have not seen even one of these comic legends. So lets look at who are the best comedy actors of Bollywood.

Top 10 Greatest and Best Comedy Actors of Bollywood

1. Mehmood


In the first place name in this rundown is a standout amongst the most prevalent satire performing artists in his circumstances Mr. Mehmood. He was a normally clever individual who kept up his extraordinary comical inclination even in his hardest time of life. All his capacity reflected in his exhibitions which was loaded with brisk jokes, splendid acting and astonishing comical inclination. He was an extraordinary artist too and influenced us to giggle through his move moreover.

2. Kishore Kumar


Kishore Da was unquestionably a standout amongst other parody performing artists of Bollywood. He was Spontaneous, loaded with vitality and had astonishing comical inclination. He could do satire without saying a word. His acting in Half Ticket is evidence of that. He is regularly portrayed as one of the best ability of Hindi film industry. Maybe the main performer in India who can do parody noiselessly, while singing, while at the same time moving and obviously while conveying exchanges.

3. Akshay Kumar


Akshay Kumar began another style of satire which individuals cherished and later every performing artist tailed it. He utilized his regular tone and neighborhood Indian style to convey discoursed with culminate timing and astonishing comical inclination. He was set apart as a standout amongst other parody performing artists of Bollywood.

4. Govinda


Unarguably a standout amongst other comic drama performers of Bollywood. He was the primary standard Bollywood on-screen character who did a considerable measure of drama motion pictures and was perceived as outstanding amongst other humorists. His demeanor just can influence you to giggle and he exceeded expectations in each level of comic sense. Again like all other awesome comic drama performing artists he is awe inspiring with his discourse conveyance and outward appearance.

5. Paresh Rawal


One of the finest on-screen characters of Bollywood who has assumed different sorts of parts. Be that as it may, in Comedy he exceeded expectations progressively and ended up noticeably one of the finest in Hindi films. As a performer in parody parts he demonstrated that how just planning and discourse conveyance can influence you to snicker. (Funny Bollywood Movie Dialogues You Might Not Have Noticed)

6. Utpal Dutt


He is Hindi Cinema’s one of the most amusing and best parody Actors. His screen nearness itself discharges pressure and his one of a kind style of conveying discourse was entertaining. An extraordinary theatre craftsman who was a conceived interesting.

7. Uma Devi Khatri (Tuntun)


Broadly known as Tuntun, and just female on-screen character in this rundown. She was sweet and charming and even her essence in film influence you to grin. Her method for conveying discourse made her much more delightful.

8. Deven Verma


An astonishing on-screen character who worked in many movies in numerous dialects. His comic planning was extraordinary and he was most loved of his circumstances greates chiefs like Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Gulzar and Basu Chaterjee.

9. Vijay Raj


We don’t see Vijay Raj a lot in Hindi film yet his every single execution is a great case of finest comic acting. As an entertainer he is fabulous particularly with his capacity to convey jokes and hilarious discoursed with a genuine face.

10. Johnny Walker

best comedy actors of Bollywood


Initially named Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi however Guru Dutt gave him screen name Johnny Walker reference to well known Scotch Whisky Brand. His going about as a boozer got him in spotlight and he was spotted by Balraj Sahni in transport where he was doing the activity of conductor.

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